Call Me Lizzy, is Mary’s debut novel. Watch for more books to be featured on this page in the future.

Call Me Lizzy

In 1966, ten year old Lizzy is living a double life. During summer and Christmas vacations, she is under the care of her father’s parents in Indiana. They take her to the American Legion Post to socialize with their older friends. During the school months, she lives in Tennessee with her mother’s parents who are very religious. Lizzy has never been to church, much less one like her grandparents where women wear long dresses, black stockings, and lace-up shoes. In Tennessee, she wears her hair long. In Indiana, she gets it cut. In Tennessee, she has many relatives. In Indiana, she’s an only child. In both places, she’s reminded of how much she misses her parents who have left her to pursue their own interests. How does Lizzy cope with these changes and thrive in both environments? Will she ever see her parents again? Call Me Lizzy will inspire children, parents, and grandparents everywhere to never give up believing God answers prayer.